June 20, 2017


R&B/Pop recording artist Drew Vision Returns to the Music Spotlight with the Shades of SummerEP

Drew Vision has been keeping busy. Over the course of the past 12 months, he’s been through the release of his third studio album, known as The Balance, he’s performed on Center Stage at the Essence Music Festival and he’s travelled to Sweden and Barbados to oversee the recording and video production of his latest single, titled “Without You”.  All as a completely independent & self-funded artist with a two-man team.

However, Drew isn’t stopping here. For weeks now, there have been reports that he’s been in the studio with legendary executive producer Bryan Michael Cox and is gearing up to release an EP. Well, we have to wait no longer as the EP has been officially announced. Titled Shades of Summer, the EP is a 5-song project and is set to be released on June 30, 2017 just in time for the summer holiday weekend.  Billboard has the exclusive preview for consumers beginning at 9 am EST on June 29th with a live performance on their social media outlets at 12:30 pm EST.

There have been no official artworks or track lists but this is one thing we can confirm; although this is an EP that comprises just 5 songs, there’s a song for everyone on the project. This is the height to which Drew Vision’s artistic ingenuity has gotten. Whatever mood you’re in, whatever your vibe or genre preference, you’re sure to find a song that appeals to you and has you singing along with Drew and bouncing your head to B. Cox’s powerful beats. This is a testament to just how versatile and multifaceted Drew Vision is and we expect him to bring those two qualities to the board in full display.

Apart from the release of the Shades of Summer EP, additional projects have also been confirmed. For instance, a video for one of the singles off the EP has already been shot! The first video is to be directed and edited by Jose Omar, the cinematographer behind Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” and “Purpose” music videos.  Drew Vision Media served as Producer, Creative Director, Set Designer, Talent & Location Scout.  In other words, Drew is hands-on in every aspect to insure that his vision comes to life both audibly and visually.

The Shades of Summer EP is one which has been declared by many as the project that will mark Drew’s ascent to the big leagues; the top of the music industry, where he will be to an extent comparable to many of his idols. There is a lot expected from the project and he seems hell-bent on delivering. It will be released on the weekend preceding the 4th of July celebrations and will feature some elements of that holiday-like feeling, for those who will like some fresh tunes to mark the celebrations.

With all the ambiguity surrounding the Shades of Summer EP, there is one thing that we can tell for sure; the amount of time and effort invested into it is insane. The soulful, powerful and highly versatile vocals that Drew has been known for will be mixed with the genius that is Bryan Michael Cox and the collaboration of these two will prove to be nothing short of magical.

For more information on Drew Vision and the Shades of Summer EP, contact his manager Ron King. ron@drewvision.com  404-664-1544